Hunting with a hunting knife

Hunting itself is very adventurous and manly game, but it becomes more thrilling when a hunter plans to do hunting with a hunting knife. With his bare hands, he would attack a deer or other animals by targeting their neck and cut it with a sharp hunting knife. But, it requires more precision in action and hunter should be very quick and active while the attack.

Usually, hunters use guns, arrows, and other gadgets to do the hunt, but let’s discuss how to do hunting with the best hunting knife, its trips, and its techniques.

hunting knife

But wait, will knives hold up to the rigors of the season?

Your mind raising different questions… but why to worry because here we discuss all the factors with keen observations with cool tips and tricks.

Which knife should I use?

A good hunting knife should be strong, sharp that includes fixed blade and folding blade. But knives are available in the market so which one is the best choice. Fixed blade knives are popular with regular to experienced hunters. But if you hand over the folding knife just looks for its quality and the blade.

What’s more:

                               “Focus, focus, focus because it’s a war between you and your hunt.”

And we don’t stop there, here’s the magical part:

How to select an appropriate hunting knife?

Numbers of things should be in your mind:

  1. It’s not always about quality, but you must have a strong grip in all types of weather conditions.
  2. Avoid leather handles because they prove very bad in humidity.
  3. The worst choices are the one and wooden knives as they are brittle and slippery.
  4. The synthetic and rubbery is the best of the best option because it provides the strong grip.
  5. Provide a little more focus on the blade design and the steel blade are approved by experienced hunters and the high carbon stainless steel is the best choice.


How to select the best design blade for the hunting season?

Again, it’s the most difficult question to choose the best blade because each one performs best for its specified purpose, but it’s all about your knowledge and vision towards blades and hunting.

Designs of blades:

  • Serrated Blade:

These blades proof best for the tough chores of hunting such as rib cage open or the pelvis open.

  • Click point:

This most commonly used by the occasional hunters and the most versatile blade. It has a point on end and performs the specific tasks accordingly. Its points look like drop and make the hunting a little easily and Rob who is the best hunter in the town and write on Hunting Mark also recommend these bladed.

  • Skinning Knife:

It has a sharp and a sweeping blade that’s widely used for peeling the skin. It can also perform the normal duties and also used in the big hunting wars.

  • Gut hook:

This knife is normally used by the experienced hunters and it’s used for opening the abdomen without puncturing the internal organs.

                                 Watch Video Guide

You know what…?

With the best blade and hand grip, it’s all about mental training with sharp vision and appointed approach. Always keep  this in your mind that “ Hunting is the best combination of  strong blade and sharp vision that flavors up its delight  with mental gripping power.”

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